Trossachs Holiday Park - Things to Do !
      Things to Do


On Our Doorstep

Community owned McLaren Leisure Centre  is open to the public and offers you a warm welcome

Leisure Club Facilities
In partnership with a local leisure club, for a small extra charge you can visit and enjoy swimming, sauna, gym, tennis, bowls etc.

Outdoor Pursuits

The Leisure complex (nearby) has a daily activity list that is more than enough to keep everyone entertained. For children as well as teens & adults, there is a full activity programme available 365 days of the year.

Choose from the following (and more):more information

  • archery
  • Canadian canoeing
  • clay pigeon shooting
  • deer-stalking
  • falconry
  • golf
  • gorge walking
  • hillwalking
  • loch fishing
  • mountain biking
  • off-road driving
  • orienteering
  • pony-trekking
  • putting
  • quad biking
  • rock climbing
  • sailing
  • tennis
  • windsurfing

Kids Corner : Did You Know?
Bees which produce honey, are unlike wasps, which can only sting once. This is because their stings are attached to their intestines, and have barbs on them which get caught in their victim. As the bee pulls away the sting is left still pumping its venom while the bee, damaged by the attack, is left to die. Like wasps, the bee's venom contains an alarm pheromone which stimulates other bees to attack.
unless you disturb these busy insects they will go about their business all around you without harm !

Last Updated: January, 2013